Saturday, December 04, 2004

Enterprise: Mastering the Mute Button

I've really gotten good at hitting the mute button before that wretched theme song comes on. I'm really pleased with myself. It used to catch me off guard and I'd always catch, "It's been a long time...". I'd scramble, all pissed off for the remote before pressing the mute button so hard that it would get stuck sometimes. It would reduce my watching enjoyment of the show because I'd feel like, "Frack! That damned Rick Berman got me again"! I would get all frustrated because not only did the show suck (Pre-Coto) but I had to sit through some quasi pop-country-ish song. It made me feel like all hope that Enterprise was going to get better was hopeless.
I was even more pissed with Crappy Theme Song: The Remix but that is another story.

The good
NOW, boys and girls, when Enterprise comes on, I sit ready and waiting. As soon as the opening act music escalates and then everything fades to black, that mute button is hit! It feels like the quick draw at high noon. Since season four is watchable, that and not actually hearing that theme song has made the show a little bit better. It's the little things.

The bad
To my horror, I realized that somehow I'd learned the lyrics to the song. Even with mastering the mute button, I'd watch the Earth Space History montage and hear the song playing in my head. Ain't that a bitch?

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