Sunday, August 26, 2007

Flash Gordon: Infestation

Flash Gordon: Infestation

While this episode of Flash Gordon didn't suck, it made me realize that this show is heading straight into the "typical" zone. This episode was a comfort episode, it bordered filler. This is not the type of episode that this show needs. Lots of folks are already on the fence with this series. We need something that will keep us coming back. The way things are going, I'm really scared for this show.

This is my first time seeing the opening credits. C'mon, you guys couldn't put something reminiscent of Queen?

This episode was cute enough. Nick was bit by a Joy Bug that came through a stray portal. What I enjoyed most was Nick break dancing on the table at his brother's wedding. His over happiness was a bit painful to watch at times but funny. Flash had to convince a group of cranky Amazon types for a cure... almost at the risk of his "family jewels". There were a lot of fun moments but there's still something with the chemistry of this show that's a bit off to me.


Paul Weimer said...

John at SFSignal is amazed that I am still watching the show. Heck, *I* am still amazed.

This one wasn't as bad as the pilot, but the show just keeps misfiring. Its like watching a chess match where the player keeps missing obvious moves in favor of stupid ones.

The series is not sustainable in its format of "Mongo keeps sending stuff to Earth"

scifirantergirl said...

@Paul: LOL @ John. Did he give up already. I'm not sure why I keep watching either. I just hate giving up on a show. I can tell that people worked hard on the show. I just think that they were all high while doing it. :)