Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nichelle Nicohls on Heroes

Nichelle "Uhura" Nichols will be on Heroes next season!!!!


All we need is Kirk and we'll have a TOS triumvirate thing going on. :)

Trek's Nichelle Nichols Talks About Her Heroes Role

First Sulu, now Uhura. Once again, Heroes has boldly gone back to classic Star Trek for a cool casting coup: Sci-fi icon Nichelle Nichols will join fellow Trekker George Takei as a recurring player on the hit NBC series.

Showing up in the season's fourth episode, Nichols will play Nana, a New Orleans doyenne whose daughter died during Hurricane Katrina. "Nana is tough and undaunted and — like the blues — she just keeps rising to the occasion," Nichols says. The character, who is in dire financial straits, has moved back into her once-flooded home, where she cares for her two grandchildren. One of them, new hero Monica (The Nine's Dana Davis), is an avenging angel intent on bringing justice to the corruption-plagued Big Easy. Nana is also a great-aunt to Micah, the junior hero played by series regular Noah Gray-Cabey. "Micah is sent to New Orleans to live with the family," Nichols says. "It's a quite marvelous, magical story, with wonderful things emerging." Does Nana have a superpower? "Well, that remains to be seen, now doesn't it?" coos Nichols.

The actress confirmed her much-rumored Heroes gig at a recent Trek convention in Las Vegas, where she reports that "the entire room went insane. I felt like I was Oprah giving out cars!"

lmao @ giving out cars.


TllGurl said...

Wait a minute...did you just say NICHELLE NICHOLS is going to be on the new season of Heroes???
That is awesome!!!!
I'm old enough to remember seeing ST:TOS and wanting to be Uhura. I wanted to be a Communications Officer. On a spaceship.
Since this was back in the day when you didn't usually see a lot of black women on TV, she was absolutely a role model.
I got to see her at a convention a few years ago. She was surrounded by fans and she looked up and saw me and I clapped, nodded and mouthed the words "Thank You" to her.
She smiled...and I almost cried.
I am SO excited about Heroes' new season. Now I'm REALLY excited!

scifirantergirl said...

LOL!!! That's such a great story, I just teared up myself!!! Thanks for sharing that.