Saturday, August 04, 2007

Show Start Dates as of 08/04/07

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 Doctor Who (SciFi)                  Jul  6  (Series Three US Debut)
Eureka (SciFi) Jul 10 (Season Two)
Monk (USA Network) Jul 13 (Season Six)
Psych (USA Network) Jul 13 (Season Two)
Who Wants to be a Superhero? (SciFi) Jul 25 (Season Two)
Derren Brown Project (SciFi) Jul 25 (Series Debut)
Fallen (ABC Family) Aug 3 (Limited Series Return)
Jekyll (BBC America) Aug 4 (US Debut)
Masters of Science Fiction (ABC) Aug 4 (Series Debut)
Flash Gordon (SciFi) Aug 10 (Series Debut)
Doctor Who (BBC America) Sep 8 (Series Two BBC America Debut)
Torchwood (BBC America) Sep 8 (US Debut)
Chuck (NBC) Sep 24 (Series Debut)
Heroes (NBC) Sep 24 (Season Two)
Journeyman (NBC) Sep 24 (Series Debut)
CSI: Miami (CBS) Sep 24 (Season Six)
Reaper (The CW) Sep 25 (Series Debut)
Bionic Woman (NBC) Sep 26 (Series Debut)
CSI:NY (CBS) Sep 26 (Series Debut)
Ghost Hunters (SciFi) Sep 26 (Season 3 Resumes)
Haunted (SciFI) Sep 26 (SciFi Debut)
CSI (CBS) Sep 27 (Season Eight)
Smallville (The CW) Sep 27 (Season Seven)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Sep 28 (Season Three)
Moonlight (CBS) Sep 28 (Series Debut)
Numb3rs (CBS) Sep 28 (Season Three)
Stargate Atlantis (SciFi) Sep 28 (Season Four)
Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sep 30 (Season Four)
Dexter (Showtime) Sep 30 (Season Two)
Pushing Daisies (ABC) Oct 3 (Series Debut)
Supernatural (The CW) Oct 4 (Season Three)
Blood Ties (Lifetime) Oct 13 (Season One Resumes)
Sarah Jane Adventures (CBBC) Fall (Series Debut)
Tin Man (SciFi) Dec (Miniseries Debut)
Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned (BBC1) Dec 25 (CHristmas Special)
Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX) Jan (Midseason - Series Debut)
New Amsterdam (FOX) ??? (Midseason - Series Debut)
Life on Mars (BBC America) Jan (Season Two)
Afterlife (BBC America) Mar (Season Two)

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