Friday, August 31, 2007

Who Wants ... Superhero: Episode 5 Parthenon

In this episode, the Heroes were sent on a mission and given orders by an Evil Stan Lee. They did everything from taking old ladies canes, dancing in traffic, talking about wedgies. It was funny but painful to watch.

The heroes also had to go to a school and work with kids. Challenges like these are always tricky. Parthenon came off like a cranky queen that was more concerned with making good time than actually interacting with the kids. On the other hand, it felt like an editing trick. Hygena came in last place again but she had the right idea for doing so. I'm not drooling over The Diffuser as much anymore but I'm still rooting for him. Stan Lee calling him bossy humbled him too much and now it seems like he's lost his footing. He's still doing a good job though.

It is looking like it's going to be Hyperstrike's game now. If I had to bet on a winner now, it would be him. He shined in the "trapped in a crate" challenge and I'm not so annoyed by him flipping all of the time anymore. I actually thought that Parthenon did the best in the "trapped" challenge. His mind started working like MacGyver. Some of the ideas he came up with were awesome. I do not like that he blamed The Diffuser for the pole snapping. All The Diffuser did was hold the pole everyone was responsible for putting it together and making sure it was secure.

Hygena is truly claustrophobic. Sometimes you hear people say that and it goes in one ear and out of the other because almost everyone claims that they are claustrophobic. The Diffuser and Hygena became slightly edgy in the "trapped" challenge but they were still professional. Hygena seems to have a lot of fears that she is overcoming on this show. To have your fears displayed like that on national TV is heroic in itself. We've seen both The Diffuser and Hygena have the most growth on this show and for that I think it should be them in the final two. I still don't really know that much about Hyperstrike other than his last name is Stork and he got teased about it in high school.... and he misses his girlfriend. If he has any fears or if he's overcoming anything, I don't know. I think he will win because he can do flips and let's face it, at a press release or trying to impress a bunch of kids, that's valuable.

This week Parthenon was eliminated. It's bittersweet because I felt he really came out of his shell on this episode. On the other hand, what did Parthenon do anyway? I never really understood his power or his angle. My thing is bling? What does that mean in the superhero universe? Maybe he should have been a MacGyver type of superhero instead of a flashy Greek god type. He just never really fit that character to me. That and the kids not liking him really did him in. (I can't believe that NONE of the kids liked him.)

We are down to the final three; Hyperstrike, Hygena and The Diffuser. Who are you rooting for?


Melody said...

Last Scifi /Geek Girl Standing!

Not bad for the one pegged as the 'joke' of the team! :)

I did an article while in Hawaii visiting my parents with the local newspaper that mentions how I made mention that Melody and Hygena are third wave feminists!

Keep on Geekin on,


scifirantergirl said...

Hell yeah on the last girl! I just knew that Stan would find a reason to eliminate you this week. Next week is going to be killer. Parthenon's exit was so unexpected, I have NO idea who's next.

That is an awesome article, thanks for posting a link.