Saturday, September 01, 2007

Masters of Science Fiction: The Discarded

Masters of Science Fiction: The Discarded

I was both repulsed and fascinated by this episode of Masters of Science Fiction. When this episode opened, I got a strong Deep Space Nine vibe. I have been missing the look of a TV show with a theatrical set and make-up type feel. The work done on this episode was magnificent. It looked like it was expensive and some care was taken to make the set look "just-so". As hideous as the characters were, the make-up was astounding. The CGI in this episode was seamless.

This was a Harlan Ellison story. It was a very sad tale of people who had a blood infection and were discarded into space. People of Earth eventually needed their blood to stop the infection on Earth. In exchange, the "discarded" were promised to be taken back home. They were used, double crossed and brought more discarded people from Earth then left to float alone in space.

This is one of those stories that is so sad and depressing that it can be confused with being a bad episode. The message was so strong and the predicament of these people was so extreme that it would be easy to be turned off by this episode. I thought the acting was spectacular and it has to be my favorite in the series.

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Jabberwocky said...

This is truly a sad tail of mans inhumanity to man. Even though it was originally written decades ago it still speaks in volumes to what is happening to us today.

scifirantergirl said...

That story is exactly why I love science fiction. The themes don't really expire. If you work around the tech and re-imagine it, the stories are still fresh and relevant.

misterbrainwash said...

I loved this sad and profound episode it speaks volumes on how we treat minorities,the handicapped,and the strange in our society.
The irony being the Mutants where far more Human than the normals who exploited them.