Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yet Another Remake: Knight Rider

I must admit that I'm a little excited about a new Knight Rider series. Then I think of Flash Gordon and calm down a bit.

I thought "they" tried a Knight Rider re-make/re-imagining with VIPER. I could be wrong about that but I could have sworn that one of the girls on the show was supposed to be Michael Knight's daughter. It's possible that I imagined the whole thing. Someone back me up if you know what I'm talking about.

from the SciFi Wire:
NBC has tapped filmmaker Doug Liman to produce a Transformers-inspired reworking of the 1980s hit action-drama Knight Rider, Variety reported.

The network is readying a two-hour backdoor pilot for the series, with tentative plans to air it as a TV movie later this season. Liman is open to the idea of directing, assuming his feature schedule allows. If the TV movie clicks, a new-model Knight Rider could be on the air as early as next fall, the trade paper reported.
Is it just me or is NBC trying to kick some expletive deleted???

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