Thursday, September 20, 2007

Take the Nerd Test says I'm a Slightly Dorky Sci-Fi / Comic Geek.  What are you?  Click here!


Unknown said...

Hey Cat (Pat the faithful listener of the on Hiatus LipStick Aliens Here),

I am an Uber Geek and I took the test to prove it. You can see the results at Patman Blog. Thanks for posting this test and link :)


umberhaven said...

Hi, Cat. I took the test too. You and I are within four percentage points of each other in the Tech/Computer and SF/Comic categories.

The results aren't exactly what I would have expected. I'm almost tempted to make my own test if I can figure out how. Should that be worth some extra Tech/Computer points? ;)

My results are also on my blog at:

bettyscg said...

Well, I've always known I was dorky because I have very few friends I can open up to about my love of sci fi but, Highly Dorky, High Nerd? Is it because I chose Batman over Superman or Spidey?

Cat this is what I found amazing:

34.6% of all test takers would choose the Internet over sex, and
28.3% of married test takers prefer the Internet over sex.

Are these 2 groups having cyber sex? Who choses the internet? lol That was a funny detail.

PS. I really miss your LipstickAliens Podcast. I'm so glad you have this blog as well.