Saturday, September 08, 2007

SciFi Channel Brings Back Highlander

Since the dawn of time, the Immortals have walked among us. No one has ever known the origin of their power... until now.
I swear if someone mentions anything like midichlorians in this movie I am going to slit my wrist.

I must admit that when I saw that The SciFi Channel was giving The Highlander its "Original" treatment, I was afraid. I promised myself that before I judged further that I'd look on the website to get an idea of what they were doing. When I saw that Adrian Paul was going to reprise his role as Duncan MacLeod, I got a little excited. Adrian is the same guy that was the star of Highlander: The Series and star in the painfully abysmal Highlander: Endgame. (I still want my money back for that one because I still feel physical pain when I think of it.)

Why am going to watch this when there is a good chance that it will suck? I used to watch Highlander: The Series and Highlander: The Raven and I actually enjoyed them both. Seeing Adrian Paul's face is nostalgic. I guess I'm interested to see what SciFi is going to do with it. Sometimes they hit and sometimes they miss. That and everyone should know by now that I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to science fiction TV shows.

You can catch Highlander: The Source Saturday, September 15, 2007 @ 9/8C and 11/10C on the SciFi Channel.

Highlander: The Source @ The SciFi Channel
Official Highlander: The Source Website
Highlander: The Source @ Wikipedia


umberhaven said...

A friend of mine was script supervisor on a low-budget direct-to-video movie called Eyeborgs that was filmed entirely in my city of Winston-Salem, NC. My friend let me come by the set one night, and I got to meet Adrian Paul, who is the one "star" in the movie. I only got to say, "Hi, nice to meet you," before he went back to discussing the footage from the previous day with my friend. I get to meet famous people so rarely that even that was still pretty cool.

Anyway, Paul still looks the same as he did in the TV series. He's stayed fit and healthy and doesn't seemed to have aged much, despite Highlander: The Series having been off the air for several years.

I can see how he could continue to pull off the role, but I wouldn't put it past them to find a way of letting the character start to age slightly, despite Paul's continued fitness.

Oh, and you mentioned the day, date, and year, but not the month that The Source airs. Is that September?

kevbayer said...

This isn't really a Sci-Fi original, even though they are selling it that way. It's already been released on DVD in Russia. I torrented it.

Do you want me to spoil you on how good it is?

scifirantergirl said...

This is awesome news Kev!!!! Don't spoil me but now I'm really excited about it. **GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!**

Fixed the date Umberhaven. That's an awesome story btw.

Jabberwocky said...

I will never watch this! There is only one movie. There can only be one.

scifirantergirl said...

When they say there can only be one they mean five or six :P

Paul Weimer said...

the painfully abysmal Highlander: Endgame. (I still want my money back for that one because I still feel physical pain when I think of it.)

Can it *possibly* be worse than Highlander II?