Monday, September 03, 2007

Doctor Who Going on Holiday in 2009?

BBC reveals Doctor Who 'gap year'

When I heard that the BBC was not going to give us any new Torchwood this year, I thought it was irregular but I figured that it was a new series so it was having some growing pains. Today, it was revealed that Doctor Who will be going on a break in 2009 but will return in 2010? WHY??? The show is popular. The cash should be flowing in? Just when I started to get impressed with BBC programming they go and pull something like this. I guess if Doctor Who has been around for 27 years, it can handle this? I'm sure fans won't loose interest but the show is insanely hot right now. Why let it cool off? This feels like a bad move.

Thanks to Charles Cadenhead for the heads up on this.


Joe said...

They should be careful. I stopped watching Dead Zone because I never knew when it was or wasn't going to be on from week-to-week or season-to-season. Plus, they killed off Walt and it just didn't feel right after that.

scifirantergirl said...

Dead Zone does have that problem. I remember a time when I was watching it every episode. I hadn't realized they killed off Walt yet. I'd wish they'd kill off Nicole deBoer's character. I really like the show but I'm surprised that it's still on.

Charles Cadenhead said...

There is rumor too that Tennant may not return either. Seems like they just got this series started and now they're shelfing it. Makes NO sense!?!?!?!

I ranted about it on Mostly News yeasterday (9/4).

Keep up the good work Cat!


Jabberwocky said...

Oh David Tennant is coming bak the guy is to much of a DW Fanboy to not come back to the series, One of the reasons for the Hiatus is that David is going to be doing Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

As for stopping watching a show because of never knowing when it was going to be on well the BBC never keeps anyone in the dark.