Friday, September 07, 2007

The Diffuser is The Superhero

I guess I wasn't paying attention because I didn't realize the two-hour finale was going to be aired last night.
...and yes, I cried like this was on the Lifetime Channel.

In the first part of the episode, the team had to battle attack dogs and cut the power to stop Gigantic Evil Stan LeeTM. The Diffuser reigned supreme in this challenge. Hygena sacrificed herself as bait and Hyperstrike covered the most ground. As a reward, they all got action figures of themselves. All three of them were squealing like school girls. :)

After that, they had to conquer "the media". This challenge was about them not giving out too much information. They all sang like birds. There were no clear losers in this episode. I was really stuck on trying to figure out who would be eliminated. I guess Stan Lee felt the same because he did not eliminate anyone at the end of the first part. Honestly, it was the only decision he *could* make.

At the beginning of the second part of the finale', the heroes were approached by Balls Mahoney of the ECW. I had to giggle at that. It seems that someone found a way to justify the ECW's existence on The SciFi Channel. (It'll take a lot more than that for me to watch "teh wrasslin' ". ...and what was up with the eSurance commercials? They are well done but intrusive. I couldn't decide if I liked the Who Wants to be a Superhero tie in or not.) Anyhoo... the heroes learn to fight and I must say that they do make a great team. After that great display of team work, I couldn't tell who Stan Lee was going to eliminate. All of them were heroic. Unlike Fat Momma, Hygena was graceful in her flying scenes. Hyperstrike was perfect. The Diffuser is too manly to fly. They should keep that 110% man on the ground.

Stan Lee still had a difficult decision to make and it was the interviews that were the deciding factor for me. In comparison to Hygena and The Diffuser, I hate to say this but Hyperstrike had the weakest interview. I'd been concerned about not really knowing him or being able to get inside his head the whole time. He's a great showman but I needed more.

Hygena... wow! She has revealed so much about herself and her life on this show. I wouldn't be able to do that or the bugs. Is it easy for her to talk about these things? Her grace makes it looks like it but it couldn't have been. She's one tough cookie. I agree with everyone else, I thought she was already a mother. I wish her luck if she decides to try again. (((hugs)))

The Diffuser's interview did it for me. There were two things he said that were key in him being picked. When he talked about his family life as a child, he mentioned something about wishing to be able to take the heroes out of the pages of comic books to come and help him in his life. A lot of people wish this but it was the way he said it that was moving. The second thing he said was the deal sealer. He said that he chose a career in law enforcement because it was the closest thing to a comic book hero that he could be. He wanted to be that hero for next kid needing a hero off of the pages of a comic book. That did it for me. That and he's man enough to wear a Jedi costume. :)

I'd also like to say that Stan Lee did a marvelous job with the eliminations. They made sense and I could see the logic in why he eliminated someone each week. With most shows, I can't ever follow why some people get kicked off the show but it was really clear this season. He also had a sense of humor about the whole thing because he cast himself as the bad guy in several episodes. Gigantic Evil Stan LeeTM cracks me up every time and he was really into it! What a great sport.

This was a very fun season for this show. I'm not sure why it's not more popular especially among comic book readers. It is an interesting experiment to take everyday people and make them into superheroes. It made me think about being more heroic to others in my life. A lot of people can be witty on the internet but how many of us has what it takes to put themselves out there and truly be a superhero?

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umberhaven said...

This was a good season, and I'm also glad The Defuser won.

I think some of the challenges were a little weird this year. I think some of them may have been a little too realistically dangerous, such as the bumbleebee booth spelling bee challenge. I hope no one was allergic to bee stings, or they'd have been screwed.

Also, the one with spiders & snakes??? A little too much. At least the returning dog challenge involved padding both years.

I like the final three. I just wish the award was more tangible. Didn't last season's winner, Feedback, only get a cameo in a sucky Sci-Fi original movie?

And, how many comic book issues did he get? My guess would be probably only one. I think the winner should get no less than 12 issues and their own movie, no matter how cheesy. And the other two finalists should be able to make cameos in the movie and the comics.