Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eureka: God is in the Details

Eureka has been smitten with Revelations- type Biblical events. I was really excited to see how a science heavy show would treat religion. I liked this episode for so many reasons. It did not insult the beliefs of religious people and it stuck to a scientific outcome.

There's a new church in Eureka. Shortly after the pastor complains that she isn't getting as many people in the church as she'd like biblical events start to manifest themselves in the town. Zoe loses her ability to speak, Allison starts glowing like an angel, fish water turns red and the whole town goes dark. People start to suspect that something religious going on.

There were some great lines in this episode. I loved the mention that Global Dynamics may be over a Hellmouth. Jo's new boyfriend holding his breath until she talks to him. Jo mentioning she owns a grenade launcher. (Good to see I'm not the only female that thinks grenade launchers are hot!)

This episode shines with the explanation of the "religious" events. Teryl Rothery was our mad scientist of the week. She was so grief stricken at the loss of her husband that she was trying to create a portal to heaven so that she could join him. Not to sound harsh but it sounded like a really nerdy means to commit suicide. The side effect of the portal was infrasonic frequencies and it's reactions with different elements it encountered. This is was what was going on in the town, nothing mystical. We discover that if the portal is shut down, the incidents would stop happening and its effects would reverse. It's a bit of a happy, typical ending but I liked it.

The twist of this episode was Kevin and his "abilities". Nathan seems to think that Kevin's powers healed Allison. What I saw was Allison getting better when the portal was shut down. I'm still not convinced about Kevin having any powers yet. They'll have to develop that a bit more for me to buy it.

Next week: Jack becomes a chick magnet. This is going to be hilarious.

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