Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes: Four Months Later... WOW!

Heroes: Four Months Later

The good:
It was great to see all of our favorite Heroes again. Peter Petrelli is alive!

The bad: Sulu is dead. No Sylar appearance. (We do see him in the previews for next week though.)

The ugly: Nissan's advertising during this was awkward and a turn off. Surely there was a more interesting way to advertise. Nissan showing the SAME commercial in their generous limited commercial interruption bored me. I didn't buy Claire's excitement about a car that I'd never heard of. I didn't even understand her when she said it.
Dear Nissan,
When your cars fly, I'll be interested.
Love, Cat.

Does anyone have anything bad to say about the season premiere of Heroes? Maybe some nitpicks but over all it was a winner.

We begin with Mohinder lecturing to a crowd in Egypt about how evolved humans exist. He urges his sparce audience to support the cause of understanding and awareness. I got confused here because for some reason, I thought that the humans with special powers were already revealed to the general population. I forgot that I wasn't watching The 4400 and that "Hero" status isn't widely known.

After the lecture, we are introduced to a mysterious man that has been following Mohinder around for weeks. His behavior hints that he may be from "The Company". Mohinder tries to shut the guy down by telling him that the research is extremely expensive. The guy, let's call him Midas, reveals that he has the power of turning anything to gold. I must admit, THIS is the power I want.

Claire and her family has moved to California. The Bennets are now the Butlers. HRG urges Claire to be average and normal. She's the new girl in school, in the 11th grade and can't be a cheerleader. It pains her to not be her best but she knows she must do it for survival. It's a sad survival tactic. On the steamy side, she meets a cute but annoying future boyfriend. We find near the end of the show that he can fly. Let's hope that they are not related. *cough* Luke *cough* Leia *cough* *cough*

Hiro is in 1671 Japan. He and his hero, Takezo Kensei are outnumbered by an opposing force. The soldiers launch arrows into the air at both the men. Hiro freezes time, plays with the arrows, let's out some cute banter and transports Kensei and himself off of the battlefield. Turns out that this wasn't the real Kensei. The real Kensei paid someone to confront the soldiers. If the fake Kensei lived, he got paid. If not, dead men don't care about money. After more discussion, Hiro asks to meet the Kensei behind the mask. Much to Hiro's disappointment, his Japenese hero was a "gaijin" white boy from England. I was highly amused by this and it was perfect. I really love the comedic timing with Hiro. Everything is always just right when he is on screen.

As Hiro spends more time with his "hero", he finds out that the real Takezo Kensi is more Ferengi than Klingon. For Hiro, this will not do. Hiro follows Kensi to a burning village and it turns out that this is the village that Kensi was supposed to save in Japanese legend. Kensi is also supposed to fall in love with the swordsman's daughter. She's pissed at him for swindling them out of their money and not protecting her father. Overwhelmed by EVERYTHING going wrong Hiro whines, "I broke history".

We join Matt in the middle of a hostage situation. He is leading his team efficiently and confidently. I'm so impressed with his kick ass and chew bubble gum attitude that I almost forgot that he'd been shot four times in the season finale. Matt successfully eliminates the hostage taker by reading the mind of his victim. Too good to be true, lights fade up and Matt's supervisor compliments him on an exercise well done. After going through several tests and trials over the past four months, Matt finally gets his badge back!

Later in the story we learn that Matt divorced his wife and is caring for Molly with Mohinder. Molly isn't adjusting well. Her teacher brings up her concern for Molly and shows Matt some of the disturbing pictures that Molly has been drawing in class. Molly is also having nightmares of a bigger bad than Sylar. I must admit that Sylar is almost cute and cuddly for me. I'm glad they are bringing in some new, bad blood.

Ando is still looking after Hiro's dad, Mr. Sulu.... Mr. Kaito Nakamura. Ando gets a newspaper for Mr. Nakamura. A picture of him with the Kensei symbol marked over his face falls out of it. He gets spooked and reveals to Ando that this message means that he will be dead in 24 hours. Ando vows to protect Mr. Nakamura. Fearing for his life, Mr. Nakamura decides stand out on a roof, exposed to anyone. This irritated me to no end. He seems as if he is ready to die. I saw no honor in waiting to be killed. A guy with his face obscured in black hoodie catches Mr. Nakamura off guard, charges at him and tackles him off of the building. Mr. Nakamura falls to his death. Talk about senseless and anti- climactic.

Nathan Petrelli looks like he's taking the place of Pigeon Man this season. He has a full, ratty beard and he looks like he smells. He's still depressed about Peter. We gather from his behavior that he thinks Peter is dead but feels a glimmer of hope. Grandma Petrelli looks ragged too. She blames Nathan for their current, humble situation. She's still wearing a fur and pearls so they must not be doing that bad. After harsh words were exchanged, Nathan throws her out. Grandma Petrelli finds a picture similar to the one that Mr. Nakamura found on the wall outside Nathan's flat. She responds in the same manner as Mr Nakamura. I like Grandma Petrelli because she's a fashionista and just plain fabulous. Aside for her wanting to let New York explode, I can't see why they would want to kill off her character.

Mr. Noah "HRG" Bennet now works for Copy Kingdom. What's even more humiliating is that HRG has a snarly, micro- managing boss who harasses him every chance he gets. After weeks of abuse, HRG puts the smack down on his boss by pinning him down on the break table with one finger. It was so pathetic that I don't think HRG's boss will be making anymore threats.

We are introduced to an new Hero. She is trying to get to America from Mexico with her brother Alejandro. They encounter a sleazy truck driver who shuttles immigrants to the American border. The driver is inappropriate with Maya and tries to get more cash out of the two. Alejandro tries to protect his sister but is thrown from the truck and left behind. Not giving up, Alejandro chases after the truck and eventually finds it. He finds everyone dead and Maya sitting in a ball and crying. Apparently her power is to kill people with the black oil from The X-Files.

Some miscellaneous guys are in a train yard and are directed to a specific car from a note. They open it up but they don't find cargo. They find Peter Petrelli and he has amnesia. *sighs* I swear to Obi-Wan that if anyone wakes up and this series has been a dream that I'm going to fight someone.

Next week: We find out more about Peter, Sylar, Nikki, Micah and maybe Linderman.

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