Sunday, March 04, 2007

Heroes! Company Man. OMG!!!!

The Company Man episode reminded me of The X-Files' Musing of a Cigarette Smoking Man. It was just as revealing and just as good!

We find out that Claude (Pigeon Man) used to be with "The Company" and is in hiding. Daddy Nakamura (Sulu) seems to be the head of "The Company" and gave Claire to HRG. There is another guy in "The Company" that is more evil than HRG and he wants to "play doctor" take Claire back to the lab for "testing". He figures that if she can wear a cheerleader outfit that he could probably get her to dress as a naughty nurse.

But I digress...

Matt has to try to diffuse the situation with Nuclear Boy. Who'dathunk that a guy with the power to go boom would be a hot head? He does try to go boom but not fully. Claire has to save the day thus revealing to everyone that she is indeed Cheerverine. Let me back up.... Wait....

Ok... I can recap the episode or go on about how bad ass it was. The story, the pacing, the effects!!!

Have we been waiting on a show this good or what? It doesn't try to mask the fact that it's sci-fi like those pansies that write Lost. :) It doesn't throw bumpy heads and space ships at you. It has something for everyone. It's a truly fun and global show. I love it.

On another note, I heard some business about them trying to write the show where they would cycle out actors like 24 (or maybe Lost). It has the potential to blow up in their face but it could work. We shall see.

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