Friday, March 23, 2007

Supernatural: Ghosts and Werewolves

Road Kill:
Tricia Helfer guest stars in this episode. It was fun seeing her in a different role. She's still not human but being a ghost is a start. Sam and Dean find her on a road and she's running away from a ghoul. Fifteen years ago, she crashed a car, killed a pedestrian and herself. The pedestrian is haunting her and she's haunting the highway. Sam and Dean help her on her way to the "other side" by actually understanding that she's dead.
Not a new concept but a good watch anyway.

This is a werewolf episode. It stars Emanuelle Vaugier as the chick of the week. For anyone who's held out hope, Sam gets laid!!!! Maybe there's hope for Harry Potter yet :) Not only does Sam cry in this episode but DEAN CRIES TOO!!! I can't believe it. It was like they were trying to "out tear" each other. Anyhoo.... Sam gets laid but has to kill her because she turned out to be a werewolf that couldn't be saved or controlled. All in a days work.

I'm still loving Supernatural. Next week, Sam and Dean fight monsters on a movie set.

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