Thursday, March 15, 2007

BSG: The Son Also Rises

Not a bad episode. There were tears involved on my end. I'm such a girl... wait....

Kara's husband, Sam, tried to drink away his pain. For a second there I thought Lee was going to join him on top of that bird, start drinking and singing Klingon battles songs. Kara would have liked that.

This week, we get "vicious acts of terrorism". Baltar's first sleazy lawyer gets killed and is replaced by a sleazier klepto lawyer who was also a sleazy criminal on Firefly (Badger). We find out that President Laura either hates cats or is frightened by them. Jeez, a woman that doesn't like cats? What type of cold, hard ass is she? Get that woman a puppy or something!

Another thing, Caprica 6, how is it that she's been in prison for days and she looks like she's ready for the red carpet? Does she have access to a stylist and a credit card? Her hair still looks all fresh and shiny. She has on stylish shoes and a couture gown for crying out loud. I want to be in Galactica's brig!!!

Calli annoys the crap out of me. She's always whining. Lee annoys me. He whines more than Luke Skywalker. I was hoping that Adama was going to smack him. Would have made the episode that much better.

So... two more episodes 'til the summer break. I have a feeling that we're in for it.

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