Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lost: Jack? Football? WTF???

The writers of Lost never cease to amaze me. I hope these guys are winning tons of awards because each and every week they STILL manage to get the WTF? out of me.

Everyone was a little wacky this episode. Sayid man- handled Kate. Sure he was trying to save her life but he was a little rough. I had to sit through watching Kate humping a really long log. While that annoyed me, I imagined there were some fanboys out there loving every second of it.
*rolls eyes*

Claire goes on a wacky bird hunt and ultimately wants to attach a message to a birds foot as a way of getting help on the island. Good idea but she should have tagged EVERY bird. Just one... well, let's just say that I have a feeling that we'll see that bird dead on the island somewhere at some point. Claire and Jack are siblings. I'm so glad that they didn't make out like Luke and Leia. That would have been creepy after the fact.
Can we just kill Charlie instead of all of the torturous foreshadowing. I LOVE Charlie and I don't want to see him go. Don't make it worse by reminding us every episode that his days are numbered. The writers of Lost can be such dicks sometimes.....

...and what's this list that the now dead One-Eyed Patch Guy was talking about? He knew that Locke was paralyzed??? He knew everyones names??? He has all of the good information and now he's was killed by a "death wave".


The biggest question of all is why in the HELL is Jack playing football and having a jolly good time with The Others or The Hostiles or Dharma???? Locke blew up a perfectly good shelter with ice cubes and everything to help save this guy's ass.

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