Sunday, March 04, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: The Strike Episode

The latest episode of Battlestar Galactica, Dirty Hands, blew me away. I like stories with meat on it. There was so much information about how the ship works and the "little people". This is always something Star Trek glossed over even in DS9. This episode reminded me of Babylon 5's By Any Means Necessary and was just as rewarding.

We become aware that the workers have been there, working everyday, non-stop, with no real pay since the first attacks. I was amazed that the workers lasted that long. They are so loyal that they waited until someone suggested a strike before they actually went on one. These citizens deserve more than the heavy hand that Adama was giving them. He was made to realize that he couldn't force these people to work without breaks and morale boosting. The fleet would fall apart. I understood his declaring the strike as mutiny and threatening to shoot the mutineers. Janeway had a similar philosophy aboard Voyager BUT he can't force the workers to work at gunpoint, that would be slavery.

Baltar put out an underground book that planted the seed that started the mass dissatisfaction. He has a "set" on him. How he manages to still draw breath amazes me. His book isn't totally lying but coming from him it looks like stirring the pot for his upcoming trial circus.

In my opinion, this was an award winning episode. Good job!

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