Friday, March 02, 2007

Star Trek XI: Gift or Coal?

Christmas Day 2008 Release for "Star Trek XI"

So it's official, the new Star Trek movie will come out on Christmas Day 2008. That date suggests that this movie is going to be big. The thought of it coming out on Christmas Day makes my heart race a little bit. I feel excitement and anticipation.

I'm also concerned. Star Trek: Nemesis had tons of hype and was a "debacle" of sorts. (I really tried to like it.) JJ Abrams will have a little under TWO years to work on this film. Because there are no TV shows out, this movie will have to hit us hard like Wrath of Khan without being too reminiscent. I personally LOVED First Contact but I DO NOT want to see The Borg again. (Although The Borg episode of Enterprise was interesting)

Now for the subject matter. If we do get Matt Damon as Kirk, Ben Affleck HAS to be Spock! There's just no other choice. Then if we get those two together, this will HAVE to be a comedy. Personally, I like my Star Trek clean, serious, sterile and perfect.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best......

At last! We've all been wondering when it's coming out, who will be directing ... and we are still wondering who will be starring. (Yes, we too have heard plenty of unconfirmed rumors.) But for now we know this: J.J. Abrams will be directing "Star Trek XI," centering on the younger Kirk and Spock characters, and it will be coming out on Christmas Day 2008!

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