Friday, March 23, 2007

Smallville: Lana Learns the Truth

Lana finally learns Clarks secret. THANK THE HEAVENS! We won't EVER have to hear her whine about his secret ever again. Unless of course the writers give her amnesia which would be an uneccessary assault on the nerves of all of the fans. This is the episode that we've been waiting for. The episode where things are pushed along for Lana. She's been freed in one way but got trapped in another way. She was going to call off the wedding to Lexx after she learned "the truth". Lionel Luther found out and threatned to kill Clark if she didn't marry Lex. Lana pulled a Starbuck and married Lexx and left poor, hot, dreamy Clark out in the cold. Speaking of dreamy, Clark makes me want twirl my hair, chew bubble gum and giggle. He's so dang cute....

What about this mutant baby that Lana is carrying? I think Lexx has impregnated her with his brother. He's been so obssessed with his brother, seems like something he would do. How sick would that be???

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