Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Playing World of Warcraft

After months of avoiding World of Warcraft, I finally gave in and decided to check it out. When I first bought the trial, the guy at the counter pleaded with me to not buy it or enter the game. He said that he'd seen what this game has done to his friends and wanted to warn me. He said that instead of playing this game, I should go out in the sunshine and enjoy life. Of course that made me want to play the game more.

After looking at the dang trial CD for a week, I popped it in yesterday thinking that I was going to get to play yesterday. Boy was I wrong. I had to download tons of updates and patches. After like 5 downloads, I'm finally in the game. I'm an undead Horde warrior chick. I'm going through the endless training of killing 8 zombies, killing 12 corpses, killing 6 dogs, killing 6 birds.... after the latest quest of killing 6 spiders, I'm pooped.

I guess I need to play more because I'm unimpressed with it so far. I guess I said the same thing about Second Life at first and now I love that game. I'll try to play it some more and get a feel for it but I'm ready to get out of newbie purgatory.