Friday, March 02, 2007

I Like SciFi's The Dresden Files

Harry Dresden is hot and the stories are decent. It's not the adrenaline rush that is Battlestar Galactica but I'd take it over Desperate Housewives any day of the week.

The latest episode of The Dresden Files introduced Bianca. She's an excellent addition to the show and I hope they have much more of her. Bianca is to Harry as Spike is to Buffy. In a round about sort of way.

I recently found out that SciFi is pulling a Fox and airing the show out of order. It should account for why the show seems like it's off to a dismal start. There's not enough back story. They should have shown the Bianca episode, Bad Blood, first. I think people would have more of a feel for the show and keep watching just for her. Not to say that Harry doesn't hold his own. It's just a bit tiresome when he has to play "Save The Bimbo of the Week" every episode.

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