Friday, March 23, 2007

Lost: Man From Tallahassee

Did we ever get to see the man from Tallahassee? Oh.... that must be Locke's father.

This episode has the big reveal of how Locke got in the wheelchair. It's tragic but his psycho father pushed him off of an 8 storey building. That guy is a real piece of work. The only reason Locke came in contact with him again is because the son of the lady that Locke's dad was conning came to Locke with questions. The son ends up dead. Locke ends up in a wheelchair.

We also find out that Ben is jealous of Locke because Locke seems to have a "connection" with the island. They also drive home the fact that Ben was born on the island. The way they speak of it, sounds like the island is The Garden of Eden or something like that.

Kate confronts Jack. Jack says he made a deal. The deal was that he could leave the island. Ben influences Locke to blow up the submarine that is the only way off of the island. Jack is stuck.

Crazy french lady finally sees her daughter. Alex finds out that her mother may be alive. Not a reunion yet but I feel one coming on. Speaking of reunions, Locke's dad is on the island. WTF???

I've watched every episode and I swear I still don't know what's going on..... still! Not complaining, just saying. :)

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