Friday, March 23, 2007

Dresden Files: Finally, The Pilot

Five or so episodes in, we finally get to see the pilot of The Dresden Files. I still don't get why they didn't show it first. It was an amazing episode. Harry used more magic in the episode than usual. The special effects were great. I liked that. I liked his girlfriend/sidekick. I wish she was a regular. We get some great Jedi and Gandalf cracks in this episode and it really has a good introductory feel to it.

I love that Harry got to hit Morgan in this episode. This is the only point where showing the episodes out of order has benefits. After all of the crap Morgan has given him in the current sequence of events, him slugging Morgan made me cheer. The bad part was the scenes with Bianca. After the intense episode with her earlier, when he approached her in the pilot it felt awkward; almost the previous episode didn't happen.

Guess what? I actually started to listen to the Jim Butcher audio books and this case was similar to the case I listened to. There were minor differences but enjoyable all the same.

Next week: Claudia Black!!!!

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