Sunday, September 16, 2007

Science Fiction Emmy Round-up

The Emmy Awards are on TV tonight and there are a lot science fiction shows nominated in various categories. Heroes and Lost were both popular. They both were represented in 3 different categories.

Here is a run down:

Outstanding Drama Series:
---Up against things like The Sopranos, Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy. I'm hoping for the best but those other shows are REALLY popular with the people who watch them.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series:
Kiefer Sutherland - 24
---I've stopped watching 24. When the president start to say things like "What Would Jack Bauer Do", I got a little turned off. I couldn't suspend my belief anymore.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series:
Patricia Arquette - Medium
---It was too hard to watch this show for me. It came on at the same time as something else and I got tired of fighting for the remote. Damned good show though...

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:
Terry O'Quinn - Lost
Masi Oka - Heroes
William Shatner - Boston Legal
---WHOA! This is intense! I'm really interested in the outcome. I know "The Shat" is not in a science fiction show but I didn't have the heart to leave him out.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie:
William H. Macy - Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King. This was an amazing story. I'm impressed that was nominated. To recap for you...
Umney's Last Case
Starring William H. Macy, Jacqueline McKenzie
Teleplay by April Smith, based on the short story by Stephen King; directed by Rob Bowman
After the death of his son, writer Sam Landry (Macy) is so desperate to lead another life, he writes himself into his own book, forcing his long-time character (also played by Macy) to change places with him and live in the modern day. But things get deadly when Landry realizes Umney is trapped and cannot write himself out of his new reality.
Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series:
Battlestar Galactica "Exodus" (I guess it's for both episodes because it was a two-parter)
Heroes "Genesis" (Pilot)
Lost "Through the Looking Glass"(Finale: I guess it's for both episodes because it was a two-parter)
I'm really interested to see what the other shows in this category had to offer. These three episodes were stellar. If I had to choose one it would be the BSG one. It was so clever and I think it made me cry.... I think Lost made me cry too.... Ok, they all probably made me cry at some point. :P

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series:
Battlestar Galactica "Occupation/ Precipice"
Lost "Through the Looking Glass"
---This episode is represented twice. It would be a shame if it didn't win something.

Fun Mention: Outstanding Reality/Competition Program:
Project Runway - Someone is always making something so crazy that someone mentions Star Trek. I think Vincent Libretti was accused of that.

The 59th Annual Emmy Awards air tonight Saturday, September 16 @ 7/8 c on FOX.


umberhaven said...

I'm watching the Emmys now, and unfortunately, BSG lost the awards for Writing and Directing. Maybe next year.

scifirantergirl said...

Terry O'Quinn won though!!! YAYY!

umberhaven said...

Yeah, his win is good in terms of sci-fi. But, he was actually my 4th choice for the award.

My preferences for Best Supp. Drama Actor went like this:
(1) Michael Emerson, Lost
(2) Masi Oka, Heroes
(3) William Shatner, Boston Legal
(4) Terry O'Quinn, Lost
(5) T.R. Knight, Grey's Anatomy
(x) Michael Imperioli, Sopranos (I've never watched it)