Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Blogging For My Local Newspaper!

Guess what??? Chicken butt!

Just jivin'.

I have some Girlie SquealTM worthy news. I'm blogging for The Houston Chronicle's TV blog called Tubular. It is TV show recap and review blog. The two shows that I'm blogging are Journeyman and Bionic Woman. I get two NBC shows! w00t!!! I'm really excited about this!

I already have my first entry up for Journeyman. It's more recap than review because it's a new show. Next week I will unleash my my usual brand of snarky love.

Here is the link to the Journeyman entries:

I'll have the link for Bionic Woman on Thursday.

Don't forget to leave some comment love on the site for me. Smoochies!


Aaron Wilson said...

Very Nice. Congratulations. Is it a paid position?

scifirantergirl said...
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scifirantergirl said...

Oooops, I wasn't supposed to answer that. I hope you saw the answer before I deleted. :)

AllMediaReviews said...

damn, I'd like to have a gig like that! JOURNEYMAN is another cool new show; not sure how far they can stretch it out but thus far it's been well worth watching.