Saturday, August 04, 2007

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

There are two parts to this story. The short answer is that I really disliked the first part and enjoyed the second part.


Babylon 5: The Lost Tales is an anthology show set in the Babylon 5 universe. Each story is worked around a single established character.

Voices in the Dark is the title of the first Lost Tales DVD to be published. Voices in the Dark is set in 2271. It features two linked plotlines viewed separately one after the other but covering the same 72-hour timespan: The first part called Voices in the Dark: Over Here features Colonel (formerly Captain during the series' run) Lochley on B5 awaiting Sheridan's arrival, who summons a priest from Earth space to help deal with a mysterious, seemingly supernatural problem. the second part Voices in the Dark: Over There follows ISA President John Sheridan on his way to B5 for a celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the formation of the Interstellar Alliance. During the journey he picks up the Centauri Prince Dius Vintari (third in line to the Centauri Imperial throne) on the edge of Centauri space, and receives a warning from Galen the techno-mage about coming events. [14]

The beginning of the show had a quote from G'Kar that made me want to cry. Both G'Kar and Dr. Franklin was mentioned but described as being "beyond the rim". *sniff*

Over Here:
The idea of the story was clever but the dialog went on for too long. I felt like I'd been backed in to attending a church service disguised as a Babylon 5 episode. The Seraphim as aliens is a interesting idea because it suggests that "God" is an alien. I just think that the story too took long to say that. After awhile, I was dying for someone to punch a ship. I expected more action and movement in a B5 show. I know the budget was slim but something was missing. The acting was great. Lochley isn't my favorite character but it was good to see her again. Alan Scarfe as Father Kelly is a treat. Even the guy as the Seraphim was good. It just didn't come together for me. The station and special effects were good enough. Everything was green screen and stills heavy but it looked great. Even with all the praise... it's just... I was bored. I feel really guilty about not liking it but I have to tell the truth. :(

Over There:
If you are expecting gun battles, combat or even a fist fight... just stop it now. I don't have to have action to feel like a woman. Sometimes, dialog is just enough. Seeing Sheridan again got the blood pumping. He was funny, he was comfortable. It felt right. We got to see Galen, everyones favorite Technomage from B5: Crusades. Teryl Rothery from SG1 was a reporter and a treat. In this one Galen wanted Sheridan to kill an up and coming, young Centauri that was third in line for the crown. This had the suspension that I was looking. Because of this story, I went away not being TOTALLY disappointed in the project.

I think I had expectations of action. I didn't read much about the return of B5 because I didn't want to be spoiled. I supposed this is why I wasn't prepared for the direction of this project. I will watch what ever JMS puts out next I just hope that there's more of a
blend of heady topics and action.


Unknown said...

I see I wasn't the only one that found the first part... tedious is the best way I can explain it. I skipped ahead at one point because we just weren't going anywhere with it. Yeah, the new graphics were great, and it's nice to see that they are getting green-screen to the point where it almost isn't obvious (uncanny valley?). But that wore off fairly soon.

The second half went much smoother. And yeah, seeing Teryl was a kick! I was kind of expecting the outcome, as I figured the TMs were applying pressure towards a certain result but actually wanted a different (kinder) result.

kevbayer said...

I thought the first story was a little slow... but I found what it was saying very interesting (as I'm a Christian, and there is a fringe of Christianity that I've read up on that think "aliens" and the UFO phenomenom might really be the fallen angels trying to deceive man away from God, see the forums at Piercing the Darkness).

I wasn't a fan of Lochley either... in fact, I'm not really sure where the character came from. I remember seeing her before in the series or one of the "movies"... but don't remember much about her. I missed Ivanova and Garibaldi.

The 2nd part was just okay. I liked how they talked about everyone that they couldn't get for these two episodes :-) And the mention of Steven and G'kar was nice.

Who was the kid prince? The actor looked familiar.

And oh boy! What a surprise seeing Teryl Rothery (hubba hubba!). I hadn't heard she was going to be in it! Big fan crush on Teryl Rothery here since early in SG1, especially with the longer hair... but I digress (married man and all).

I've heard that Garibaldi will be featured in the next DVD movie. Anyone know anything about that?