Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Premiere: Who Wants to be a Superhero?

This show *is* goofy but it's supposed to be. If you take it for what it's for, it can be a whole lot of fun. That being said, Season 2 of Who Wants to be a Superhero was as amusing as the first.

The ten-hero cast of the second season is: (My favorites in yellow)

  • Basura (aka Aja De Coudreaux / Oakland, CA) enlists the help of all bugs everywhere and uses her mystical powers to turn trash into treasures.
  • Braid (aka Crystal Clark / Bloomington, IL) makes herself any age, race, or gender and can turn her hair into crime-busting tentacles. Eliminated in episode one for failing to gather information from a crime scene, and for being laid back in most challenges rather than taking action.
  • The Defuser (aka Jarrett Crippen / Austin, TX) is an expert paramilitary superhero who uses violent weaponry to stop villains. He has the unique ability to function at 110 percent. (Go Texas!)
  • Mindset (aka Phillip Allen / Ft. Lauderdale, FL) is a telekinetic time traveler on a mission to end all war. Originally named Omnicron, Mindset is the viewers' choice on the show winning his place by Internet voters earlier this year.
  • Ms. Limelight (aka Trisha Paytas / Byron, IL and Los Angeles, CA) is a caped-crusader who absorbs the powers of action stars on TV and in movies. Trisha Paytas was featured as a recurring guest on The Greg B. Show on Fox.
  • Parthenon (aka Dan Williams / Orlando, FL) is an archaeologist who gets his mystical powers from an ancient gauntlet he discovered in Greece.
  • Whip-Snap (aka Paula Thomas / Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA) Raised in Texas, this superhero has a mastery of the whip and if her bare skin touches a villain that villain is turned into sand.
So three of our heroes have acting credits. Mr. Mitzvah's doesn't seem like they should count. Hyperstrike was one part but Hygena is a professional. It's not like last season where it seemed like almost all of the heroes were actors. Even though Feedback was on NCIS, I still like him and was very happy to see him in the first episode. He seems like a good guy.

The Diffuser is my favorite so far because I love assertive men who take charge AND he's an officer AND he's from Texas. You know cops here in Texas are a bit... RAWR! Handcuff ME baby!!! I have a feeling that he will go the way of Ty'Veculus, he may be *too* much a leader for this show. I hate that too because he can be my superhero any day. ;)

I didn't really want to like Whip Snap but I guess she's ok. I think she's going to replace Fat Momma as the sensitive one this season.

Mr. Mitzvah is a cranky old man. I'm not sure why he cracks me up so much but he does. I hope he stays on for awhile just for the funny factor.

If I have to see Hyper-Strike do a kick again I swear I'm going to open my wrists.

I'm ready for Limelight to GO!!! Get her out of there! I guess she's the eye candy for the season so she'll stay. I don't like Basura at all. I'm sure both of those ladies are nice personally but on the show, I can do with out them.

No one else really made an impression. I'm glad Braid left, she didn't do it for me. The weird part is that I actually became interested in her character when she left because of the way she handled it. Strange.

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Melody said...

Hey there, this is Melody / Hygena. I like your Blog and I am a BIG Scifi geek girl too! I wouldn't say I am a 'professional' actor or anything but I do love making fan films like Stargeeks and I keep a BSG Viper Vlog that I tape myself. Starbuck totally rocks my world!

Performing skills did help get me through the tough auditions but I am proud to let my geek flag fly and say being on the show and being a Hero has by far been as cool as seeing Empire Strikes Back the first time!

It's a 'don't take your self so seriously' fun show and I hope you enjoy it all!

Melody / Hygena