Sunday, July 29, 2007

OT: Dexter Returns

Yes... I know... Dexter isn't science fiction per se but it's one of my favorite shows so grin and bear it. :)

I'll say it again. I LOVE theatrical/tv serial killers. They are always so much fun. They always have great puzzles and twisted motivations.
... and Dexter? A serial killer who fights crime. What's not to love?
from Wikipedia:
Dexter is a Showtime original television series starring Michael C. Hall as serial killer Dexter Morgan, who works as a forensics analyst specializing in bloodstain pattern analysis for the Miami-Dade Police Department. The series is based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay.
Spoilers follow...

Last season dealt with us getting to know Dexter and his back story. He was adopted. His adoptive father found out Dexter had powers of the dark side (homicidal tendencies) but taught him to channel his powers for "good". Dexter learned that he should only kill people who kill other people. Still illegal but it makes us feel good about him. A big case appears with a guy going around killing hookers, draining them of their blood, chopping them up and leaving them in tidy pieces for the police to find. Dubbed the Ice Truck Killer, this guy started leaving clues for Dexter. Later we find out that the Ice Truck Killer has taken interest in Dexter because he's his long lost biological brother. Twisted.

This season, Dexter is having trouble because he had to kill his murderous brother. He can't get a hard on for killing anymore. To make matters worse, a underwater expedition team has stumbled upon Dexter's body dumping ground. A huge investigation is underway and the FBI is involved. Dexter finally gets his cool serial killer nickname, the "Bay Harbor Butcher".

Now that the FBI is in the picture, I can't see the show lasting past this season. Unless the writers pull some mind-blowing writing stunts this could be the last season??? I hope not because this show is such a treat every week.

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Unknown said...

I agree this show is really addictive. I watched all the shows on "on demand" on showtime and couldn't peel myself from the tv for not a second. Can't wait until the 2nd season starts and I hope it does not end this 2nd season b/c of the fbi finding out.we'll see!