Monday, July 23, 2007

Blog Anniversary and New Look

I decided to refresh the look of the blog a bit. I put my Second Life avatar in an Orion Slave Girl skin. Let me know what you think :)

My big move is over with and I'm a little less stressed. I should be back to regular blog posts in no time.

Also, I just noticed that my blog anniversary was last month. I started in June 2004. Wow!!! Three years of girlie squealing and nitpicking. In that time, I've started a podcast and became a Second Lifeaholic. I've seen some good shows come and go.... and of course some bad ones that would not die or got the boot. When I started, iTunes didn't have TV downloads, now I can get most of the shows that I want on demand. We now have our first SciFi internet TV show, Sanctuary. Webisodes are the new black.

I don't always update regularly but when I do....c'mon.... you know you love it. Here's to three more years :)

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