Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Favorite: Eureka

I have such a TV show crush on Eureka. I can't say anything bad about the new season either. It is back with as much wit as it had last year. I love the writing and the characters. Because the show has rely technobabble, I'm glad to see that it remains incredibly silly. Should be called Silly Scientist Tricks... Gone Wild. :) I think that's the appeal for me. You get the classic sci-fi themes in a fresh and witty way. The cast being collective eye candy dish doesn't hurt either.

I want to live in Eureka.

So far this season, Henry Deacon and Jack Carter are the only ones who remember the alternate timeline from last season. Jack isn't handling it well because he's still expecting Allison to be like she was before so that they can have the relationship that they had in the last timeline. It's not happening and she's actually starting to patch up her relationship with the beautifully handsome Nathan Stark. [added (thanks Michael)] That was until Henry made a "Forget" device and used it on Jack but not himself. Now Henry wants to work for Global Dynamics so he can figure out what happened to his lost love.

Some of the episodes themes this season are human combustion, a deadly human force field and an insane weather man. The character chemistry is like clockwork and just an amazing treat to watch. These guys bounce off of each other so naturally. In one scene, Henry was translating technobabble for Jack and it was so perfectly timed. This show is filled with that. They aren't shy with the special effects and tech. Every episode has something that will give you a geekgasm.

I'm looking forward to there rest of the season because I want to see what is up with the psychiatrist lady and this business with the artifact.


Michael Hickerson said...

Actually, it was my understanding that only Henry recalls what happened in the alternate time-line from the season finale. He wiped Jack's memory of it and then smashed the device to wipe memories before he could wipe his own. He then said he'd never forget what had happened and could never forgive Jack for it....

scifirantergirl said...

Yeah.... I forgot to include that bit.