Thursday, July 19, 2007

Doctor Who

I can't believe how WONDERFUL season 3 (or 29) of Doctor Who was. There was one weak episode and it wasn't really all that weak. The entire season was on the edge, clever and funny storytelling.
As far as my favorites, I'm still torn between the Shakespeare episode and the scary statue episode. I love the episodes with The Master and the Paradox machine. Not to mention my favorite character Captain Jack Harkness. I'm such a fag hag for him :) Martha's character development was a real surprise and treat. I'd really like to see a short comic book run of her travels of the world during the year away from the Doctor.

I also don't think that The Master is dead. His "companion" was the one who shot and killed him. I'm sure there was some sort of catch behind that.

Can't wait 'til Christmas.


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