Monday, July 23, 2007

Heroes: I Was Partially Right

Ok... I'm SO reading the latest issue of TV Guide and commenting on the articles as I flip through it.

In one of the episodes of my podcast, I speculated that Hiro had returned to feudal Japan because *he* was the hero that his dad used to tell him about as a young boy. Turns out that Hiro isn't the hero but the hero isn't the hero that Hiro thought him to be so Hiro has to create the hero in the legends. (I wrote that sentence like that on purpose >:)

There will be some Hiro love non-love next season and it involves a princess. I was a little concerned about this but I'm sure it will be fine.

I'm a little annoyed with the new Hero; a latina trying to enter the US from Mexico illegally.
*rolls eyes*

Heros: Origins:
Created to retain viewers. It's not going to be put into effect until next year.
NBC will air 24 episodes of Heroes next season with only two brief breaks (December and March), ending with a big-bang finale in April. Then comes Origins, running through May sweeps.
Uh huh.
Each hour of the anthology will profile a new hero. None of the Heroes regulars will be seen in the spin off. If the characters really click, they may be added to Heroes.

I don't think this is necessary but ok. I think it's just extra calories for the uber-fans. I hope this works. In any case, it just means more great content.

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