Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ready for Bionic Woman?

NBC's Bionic Woman<--- (it's an annoying Flash website)
from Wikipedia:
Struggling to make ends meet as a bartender while serving as a surrogate mom to her teenage sister, Jaime Sommers figures that her life couldn't get any more difficult. She is terribly, terribly wrong. Nearly killed in a horrifying car accident, Jamie is saved by a cutting-edge operation -- performed by her boyfriend, Will -- that leaves her with extraordinary new strength, among other artificially enhanced gifts. Now, however, Jamie must figure out how best to utilize her new abilities while embracing her new bionic identity.
It's also said that Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) will have a Bionic eye, ear, arm and both legs. Michelle Ryan is from the UK.

From what I hear, this is going to be less remake and more re-imagining. The new Bionic Woman will be more like Alias and Painkiller Jane and less like the old show. I'm kinda scared of that because I couldn't get into either of those shows. I'll give it a fair chance.

Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) will be in the show so that's something to look forward too. Why Katee Sackoff isn't the Bionic Woman beats the hell out of me. That would have been kick ass!!!

Produced by Universal Media Studios, GEP Productions and David Eick Productions, the series was officially greenlit and given a thirteen-episode order on May 10, 2007.[1] It is currently scheduled to air on Wednesday nights at 9:00/8:00c premiering on September 26, 2007 on NBC.

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