Friday, July 20, 2007

Farscape Returns in a Torture Format

'Farscape' returns online, Sci Fi readies 'Galactica' TV movie

"Farscape" - the series that science-fiction fans keep wanting to revive - will be back, sort of.

Ten two-minute episodes will be made available online at Other details, including when the mini episodes will start and who will be in them, are pending.

"We just thought it was a way to feed fans' tremendous hunger for the show," says Dave Howe, general manager of the Sci Fi Channel, which owns the Web site.

I'm glad the show is "back" but two minutes?????????? Let me just say for the record that if something is good, it should last more than two frelling minutes. Two minutes is not going to do anything but piss me off. I guess I'll just wait and do a marathon.


Jamison said...

As exited as I am to see more Farscape. I have to agree that 2 minutes is hardly worth the trouble. Farscape was a masterpiece because of the depth of it's stories. I don't see how anything released in 2 minute episodes could feel like Farscape. I have my fears as well that we won't see much of the original cast what with Ben and Claudia working on the Stargate movies. Maybe We'll see Chiana head off to find her brother. I hope I'm pleasantly suprised. Oh and, nice blog by the way.

scifirantergirl said...

I'm going to try to watch them all at once in a marathon.

Thanks for the blog compliment :)