Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stargate: Unending

I'm happy with the way that Stargate SG1 ended. I don't feel compelled to launch a campaign to save the show. It was a good show and it was time to end it. I think most people felt that way. I'll miss the characters but there are movies in the works and that is good enough for me. I wonder what they are going to do with Teal'c?

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Unknown said...

Amen. Although I feel that it was probably two seasons past time to end it. SG1, for me, will have to include Jack and Sam. I have lots of Farscape love, but John and Aeryn should not have replaced Jack and Sam. When your star decides to leave the show (and lets be honest Jack was the star and Daniel wasn't), just accept the inevidable and move. There may be some exceptions but, like the X Files, stargate wasn;t one of them.