Friday, January 19, 2007

Faux Klingons In The White House

Politicians are getting sillier and sillier. First tubes and now Wu and his Klingons. How does this guy expect anyone to take him seriously anymore?

from Trek Today:

The "Klingons in the White House" controversy continued this week when Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and George Takei (Sulu) both spoke on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, poking fun at the idea that they have never gotten past their celebrity as Star Trek stars.

The web site of Comedy Central has video of the phoned-in appearances, while has a partial transcript. The discussion concerned remarks by Democratic Congressman David Wu of Oregon, who had likened President Bush's foreign policy team to Star Trek's warlike Klingons (story).

In response to Wu's demand that Congress not let false Klingons send real Americans to war, host Jon Stewart responded, "I believe the Constitution specifically states that only real Klingons have that power." He then called upon "Senior Star Trek Analogy Analyst" Nimoy, who feigned impatience with his ongoing association with Spock and then spent several minutes explaining that Wu's analogy was weak, citing details of the episode "Amok Time" to describe the differences between Klingons and Vulcans.

Nimoy's monologue was interrupted by a call from Takei, who objected when Stewart warned that he was already speaking to Nimoy by demanding, "And you felt his telephone voice was more distinctive than mine? Do you realize by our sixth film, I'd become a captain, while Spock had become marginalized?"

The entire segment featuring Nimoy and Takei may be watched at Comedy Central.

The clip on the Daily Show is hilarious. You have to check it out.

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