Thursday, August 21, 2008

Show Dates as of 08/21/08


Primeval (BBC America) Aug 9 (US Series Debut)
Bones (FOX) Sep 3 (Season Four)
Ghost Hunters (SciFi) Sep 3 (Season Four resumes)
Destination Truth (SciFi) Sep 3 (Season Two resumes)
True Blood (HBO) Sep 7 (Series Debut)
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX) Sep 8 (Season Two)
Fringe (FOX) Sep 9 (Series Debut)
Smallville (CW) Sep 18 (Season Eight)
Supernatural (CW) Sep 18 (Season Four)
CSI: Miami (CBS) Sep 22 (Season Seven)
Heroes (NBC) Sep 22 (Season Three)
Knight Rider (NBC) Sep 24 (Series Debut)
CSI: NY (CBS) Sep 24 (Season Five)
Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sep 28 (Season Five)
Dexter (SHO) Sep 28 (Season Three)
Chuck (NBC) Sep 29 (Season Two)
Pushing Daisies (ABC) Oct 1 (Season Two)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Oct 3 (Season Four)
Numbers (CBS) Oct 3 (Season Five)
Life on Mars (ABC) Oct 9 (Series Debut)
CSI (CBS) Oct 9 (Season Nine)
Eleventh Hour (CBS) Oct 9 (Series Debut)
My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) Oct 13 (Series Debut)
Eli Stone (ABC) Oct 14 (Season Two)
Crusoe (NBC) Oct 17 (Series Debut)
24 (FOX) Nov 23 (Special Movie)
24 (FOX) Jan 09 (Season Seven)
Dollhouse (FOX) TBA (Series Debut)
Medium (NBC) Feb 09 (Season Five)
Merlin (NBC) Feb 09 (US Series Debut)
Kings (NBC) Feb 09 (Series Debut)
The Listener (NBC) Sum 09 (Series Debut)


JD Atlanta said...

Thanks for the list! My DVR is in serious need of new sci fi. On the plus side, I've had plenty of time to blog this summer.

JD Atlanta
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Jabberwocky said...

There are a couple of show that I haven't heard a thing about.