Thursday, May 01, 2008

Battlestar Galactica So Far

BSG started out intense. From the Cylon in-fighting to newbie Cylons throwing people out of air locks to the religious banter. The religious angle bores me and there is too much of it for my taste. The Cylons seem to be falling apart. Why are they being so erratic? I know why but isn't there a centralized leader to direct them? They talk about what's forbidden and blah, blah, blah but they seem to be as lost as our humans. The only person that seems to be on track is Starbuck. The mission is to find Earth. Why is she doing this alone. It' should be a fleet effort. I understand that it *could be* a cylon trap but she should have more resources. Speaking of Starbuck, what happened? Did she time travel? Patrick Aquilone has an interesting theory that involves something from the original series called The Ship of Lights. It's pretty interesting.

My predictions: Tory will be the first of the new fangled four (five) to die. She's way too off. Because she's not Tigh or Tyrol, a major character, she's expendable.
As much as I despise him, Lee Adama might be president. Seems like they are gearing him up for that position.
The whole show is looking like a military exercise or perhaps a dream. Just that though makes me wanna slap somebody.

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