Sunday, February 03, 2008

Torchwood Returns and is Flaming Hot

Torchwood is back and started very strong. The premiere was the stuff that classics are made of. I was so supercharged by this that I had to record a short bit on it.
Torchwood and Man Kisses
Torchwood is back!!!

Hands down; the best scene is the kiss/fight scene between Jack and Captain John Hart.

I'm getting ahead of myself. The episode begins with a man with a blowfish head driving a sports car down the street. He's not all bad because he lets a little old lady cross the street without running over her. His chivalry was short lived when the Torchwood teams hunts him down and kills him.

There was some blah, blah, blah, then Spike/ Captain Hart/ John Marsters shows up. The kiss caught me off guard but I loved it. The two hot guys fought then had a beer. Men...
I still don't understand how Captain Jack is gay in real life but still manages to make me hot under collar. Very strange.

Captain Hart is how Captain Jack was went we first encountered him; very Ferengi like. Hart killed a woman for a diamond and tricked the team into helping him find it. He betrays them, gets the diamond but it is booby trapped. If hart doesn't get the team to help him, he will die. He manipulated them into saving him. They do and he leaves. It sounds straight and to the point but the dialogue was fantastic. James Marsters added fun and excitement to the return of Torchwood.


I can't say that much for the next two episodes of the season. They were good and well written but a bit too dark and depressing. One involved a lady that didn't know she was a sleeper alien assassin. She ended up waking up other cell members and almost did some serious damage. Yes, yet another apocalypse. Intriguing but not fun.

The third episode was a time travel circle jerk that was Toshiko heavy. Her character is never fun. I wish they put her on a stripper pole or give her some laughing gas for once. It would be cool to see her let down her hair and get wild. The episode was a touching story. We even got a nice Torchwood™ walk down a hallway but the science in this one just was too distracting and left too many unanswered questions. Too many things were glossed over. I didn't understand how Torchwood kept the soldier frozen in 1839 when Cryonics* wasn't even invented. They say they woke him up every year to see if it was time for him to fulfill his destiny. Why? Under what instruction? How did that key work? What was it's origin again? Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention. Who knows? I do know that again, this episode was good technically but not fun.

Get it together guys.
Next week, Rhys might discover what Gwen does for a living. This ought to be interesting.

*Perhaps they used alien tech. *rolls eyes*

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