Saturday, March 05, 2005

Bruce Campbell Alert

I've adjusted my expectation levels for SciFi Original's. I've come to accept that they are C and D movies. I go in with the understanding that they are basically Outer Limit's two- parter episodes. I get it. They are meant to be experience and production exercises for all involved. Okay. I'm there SciFi. I understand.

With that understanding, I can actually get excited about Bruce Campbell starring in the upcoming Alien Apocalypse "movie". Anything with Bruce Campell in it, I'm there. Renee' O'Connor from Xena is going to be in it too.
Now if they can do something else with Jeffery Combs, I'll be a happy woman.

Alien Apocalypse:
Yesterday they were only astronaut.
Today they are humanity's only hope.

Dr. Ivan Hood (Bruce Campbell) and his team of astronauts return from their latest mission, only to find that Earth has been conquered and enslaved by aliens. Now Hood and fellow-scientist Kelly (Renée O'Connor, Gabrielle on Xena: Warrior Princess) must free humanity from its alien masters.
WORLD PREMIERE: Saturday, March 26, at 9PM ET/PT

Get behind the scenes photos from

I think this will be better than this week's Mansquito with Corin Nemic. Mansquito... I can't even think that word with a straight face. I know this one is just going to be bad. Maybe it'll be funny. I think I'm actually going to be out doing some social stuff this fine Saturday so I'll miss Mansquito.

First they hunted for a cure.
Now they're hunting a monster.

A scientist trying to find a cure for the West Nile Virus accidentally transforms herself and a junkie into mutant mosquito creatures. Musetta Vander (Project: Metalbeast, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) and Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn on Stargate SG-1) star.
WORLD PREMIERE: Saturday, March 12, at 9PM ET/PT

I love those standard two- liner catchphrases for the movies. They sound like fortune cookies from The Twilight Zone. Nice cheese.

Mansquito... sounds like Man in Speedos.

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