Sunday, March 20, 2005

Alien Alcoholics

No, I'm not talking about Klingons.

I'm talking about Phil The Alien. I first read a post about it on The Website at the End of the Universe.

When I read this on the website, I knew that I would have to catch this show. The worse part about the show (that was almost a HUGE turn off) is that whiney hag Nicole deBoer is in it.
PHIL THE ALIEN is a classic coming of age story, told through the bloodshot eyes of an alcoholic alien. Phil crashes into a small town in Northern Ontario, befriends a young boy, and a super-intelligent beaver (voiced by Joe Flaherty), and quickly develops a heavy drinking problem. Phil is an innocent lost in the wilderness. He learns that everyone in town (children included) drinks hard liquor and carries a gun. Surrounded by hunters, prostitutes, an ex-CIA operative, a bartender named "Wolf" (played by Graham Greene) and other Northern misfits, Phil becomes close with the local bar band.

Meanwhile over at the "Top Secret American UFO Base" ( located beneath the Niagara Falls), "The General" (John Kapelos) has discovered Phil and ordered his Agents to bring him in. Right wing radicals in fur coats are sent to find and capture Phil. Back up North, the beaver tells Phil that there is a ship in Niagara Falls that can take him home. Phil wants nothing to do with it. Instead he uses his alien powers to perform bar tricks, falling deep into the depraved depths of alcoholism. Phil hits bottom and attacks a cigarette machine.

After a short stint in prison, Phil finds Jesus and joins the band as their singer. When the General learns that Phil is performing miracles on a touring pilgrimage to Niagara Falls he orders Quebecois assassin "Madame Madame"(Nicole deBoer) to kill the alien and his band. Phil the Alien is an original cutting edge comedy.

Right wing radicals in fur coats.... that's hilarious! I tried to download the trailer but I got that classy 404 error. I'll keep a look out for this one.

Off topic a bit. Speaking of that wretched trollop Nicole deBoer, what's up with The Dead Zone?

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