Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Capt. Jack Returning To The Doctor

Quick copy and paste job.

from SciFi Wire:

John Barrowman, who plays Capt. Jack Harkness on the Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood, confirmed to SyFy Portal that his character will return for a multi-episode arc during the upcoming third season of Doctor Who. "I will be in [season] three of Doctor Who," Barrowman said in an interview. "I will be in the last three episodes of four episodes, and the scripts are being written as we speak, because I just got a text from [Doctor Who executive producer Russell T. Davies] telling me that he's finishing the script [in which] Jack returns."

Barrowman first appeared as Capt. Jack in the Doctor Who episode "The Empty Child," and remained on the show through the end of the first season. He later reprised the role in Torchwood, which premiered in October and is currently airing in the U.K. on BBC Three.

Hopefully, we'll see some of his sassiness return. On Torchwood, he's been kinda stale and stuffy. I want to see the fun Captain Jack again!

With any luck, we'll resolve this hand-in-a-jar business.

....look at the "jeans" on that guy!!! WOOOOO!!!

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