Friday, November 03, 2006

Mr. Eko Gets A New Shirt!


SCI FI Wire | Lost Producers Explain Death

...and of course, he dies. *sigh*

What did his character do anyway but scowl? It's seems that people from the "back of the plane" didn't integrate well with the rest of the plane members. Are all of them dead now?

What's this deal with a spine tumor? I hate this storyline. Earlier this season I was still enthused with the mysterious plots of Lost, now I'm a bit exhausted by them. I need for them to explain to me why "The Others" feel the need to hold Jack, Sawyer and what'sherface.... Kate... in captivity??? No one is even asking the question.

I'm glad they brought the smoke monster back. It keeps this show on the science fiction radar.... among other things.

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buck said...

Bernard is still alive. He'll be the next to feel the axe!

I love the smoke monster too. The sounds that it make are so freaky.