Friday, December 29, 2006

David Tennant Leaving Doctor Who Scare

from SF Signal:
It's hard to find a reliable Time Lord these days...

The Sun is reporting that the second actor to play Doctor Who in the new series, David Tennant, will be following in the footsteps of the former Doctor and will be leaving the show. Apparently Tennant has been bombarded with film offers after appearing in the last Harry Potter movie and will be leaving Doctor Who in the middle of season 3 of the new series.

[via Geek Monthly]

UPDATE: As mentioned by commenters, the BBC is denying this.

I was UPSET andhystericall when I saw that headline! I think my blood pressure went up. :)
It's too soon to lose ANOTHER Doctor. I'm just now getting used to Tennant. I like him and he's MY Doctor now. Losing him now would make the show a too unstable in my eyes. I don't want a new Doctor every season. Perhaps we can get a new one every five years but let us get used to one Time Lord at a time. We already lost Rose last season and watching this year's Christmas Special, I already miss her.

Yeah, I said it.

I didn't particularly care for this year's Christmas Special. It didn't have that spark that I was looking for. I was bored with the same killer Santa bots from last year. I was bored with the over-the-top Spider Lady... thing. The bride chick was annoying... well, she had her cute moments. It was just too typical a show. It felt likeTennant was trying to be funny but his chemistry wasn't meshing with everyone elses or vice-versa. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
It was a good episode overall but Rose's absence was felt.
Instead of Christmas, maybe they should use other holidays like New Year's. Since we have to wait until July for a new show, what's the harm in a Valentine's Day special? Leprechaun in a Tardis?

I'm really looking forward to the new season though. The previews look WAY cool. It also looks like the Doctor and his new companion may bicker. That would be awesome and interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the scare. I was bummed out too. Of course, when it was revealed to be unfounded, I was both relieved it was fake and a little annoyed at myself for perpetuating it. And so it goes...