Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sigler in Second Life

Scott Sigler will be having a press release in Second Life this Thursday, December 7th @ 7pm PST. I can't wait! I'll have to get my avatar a new outfit and go to the virtual salon.

The press release is for his latest podcast novel The Rookie. The main character, Quentin Barnes will be chatting with us online.

I've been listening to The Rookie and I have to say that I love it. It was hard for me at first because of all of the football but somewhere after the 5th episode it didn't matter anymore. The football quit being the main focus and I became impressed with this massive world that Scott built. It's extensive. He made all of these alien races, different planets and a back-story like you wouldn't believe. I would love to hear more non-football stories in this world too.

I must admit that even after all of the explaining, I still don't get football. Every time in life when some guy has tried to explain football to me, my mind shuts down and my eyes glaze over. The only way to snap me out of it is a trip to the mall. Understanding football is not really necessary to enjoy this story though.

Apparently, Scott and JC are having some sort of "measuring" contest. It's cute and hilarious to see them at it. I hope it's all still fake because I CAN NOT and WILL NOT choose between the two. Anyway, if you want hear some of Scott's "jib-jab" about it listen to Bonus Episode #8.5. His "high-road" bit at the end is brilliant.

The coordinates for the transport are Podcast Island 83, 53, 25.
Click here to visit the Touchback in Second Life.

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