Friday, December 08, 2006

DUDE!!! Mel Gibson is Australian???

Oh, I'm going to have to give Lynne from Sci-Fi News some sh*t about this!

Apocalypto: Mel's Bloody New Beginning?
Los Angeles (E! Online) - Hey, whatever happened to that Australian hottie, the one who starred in the Lethal Weapon franchise, was People's inaugural Sexiest Man Alive in 1985 and then won two Oscars for that Scottish movie 10 years later?

Well, we hear he has since moved behind the camera, a better place to helm blood-drenched epics such as Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, which opens Friday and has been deemed the bloodiest of them all.

After Passion of the Christ and all of these strange comments, I don't trust Mel Gibson anymore. Apocalypto is a movie about the end of the Mayan civilization. I kinda don't care. I'm more worried about the end of this civilization.
I'm still bitter about The Fountain so I'm feeling a bit more cautious about my movie dollars.

I won't be seeing this in theatres. Maybe one day when I'm bored and curious I'll watch it but I'm not making plans.

My, someone is in a cranky mood. Read: me.

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