Thursday, December 14, 2006

Second Life Geek Gathering

I've been enjoying second life a lot lately. I've even rented a space for Lipstick Aliens. (Coordinates: 83,62,32) Remember that if you ever want to IM me, my Second Life name is Trinity Hartunian.

If you haven't been to the SciFi Museum in Second Life, it is amazing! The museum is beautiful. There's a City on the Egde of Forever portal. This also a Klingon Bird of Prey and an USS Defiant that you can beam aboard and explore. You can also get your very own Star Trek uniform. I've hung out will these guys on Second Life and they are a real treat.

See you there!

Press Release:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Geeks of All Ages...

The FriedGeek, Sturgeon's Law, and Geek Acres invite you to join us for our end of the year geek gathering in Second Life. On Friday, December 29 at 7pm SLT we will be hosting a 2 hour open house at the Sci Fi Geek Museum in Indigo. Come on by and say hello.

Geek-Curious are also coordially invited. The museum is something to see, complete with interactive star ships, a holodeck, and movies. The SLURL is below, and we're looking forward to greeting as many SL residents as possible. So slip on your red shirt and come join us on the 29th.

Geeky regards,

Doug, Random, and The Geek


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