Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alien Apex Resort Themepark in Roswell, NM

Do you know how long that I've been wanting something like this??? I wanted to do it myself and share the idea but I wouldn't know the first thing about making something like this happen. Why Roswell hasn't made an alien theme park before now is just silly. Think of the jobs this could create? Awesome!

I first heard about this project on Slice of SciFi #101: Interview with Bryan Temmer. Apparently, Bryan is really getting the attention of the right people and has gone further than anyone else has with the idea.

[revised] Currently, the Alien Apex Resort ( website is one big tease and drives people like me nuts because I want more info! I truly hope we get some updates soon. This park is an excellent idea and I can't wait to be abducted :)

Good luck Bryan!!!

Note: The site url ( is NOT affiliated with the official site and should probably be ignored because it confused me the first time I was looking for info on the park.


Anonymous said...

*hangs head and lets out long sad heavy sigh*
Wooopdeedoo for us...

Heaven help us all!

You asked why haven't we done this
before? Have ya' been ta Roswell?! ;)


Just surfin' by and thought I'd
pop in to comment. :D

Anonymous said...

Check it out, If you want to keep up on all the info around the Alien Theme Park go check out There is a ton of info there.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is more info on the OFFICIAL web site for the Alien Apex Resort.

That site is the ONLY official web site for the Alien Apex Resort.