Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Doctor Who: Shakespeare Code and Gridlock

This season of Doctor Who feels like the first season all over again. That's a good thing. It has the adrenaline rush, adventure feel to it again. The second season was really moody and depressing. It was almost a chore to watch.

Shakespeare Code is one of those episodes that people will talk about for sometime. It was just so damned good. From the story, to the in-jokes, to the dialog and everything else, this has to be my favorite this season. That's hard to say especially since I loved everything that I've seen this season.

In Gridlock, we go back to New New York which is suprisingly filled with British people :) We also find out more about The Face of Bo but not much. It does tell us that the Doctor is "not alone". The thought of more time lords makes me want to rip out a girlie squeal. :D
I really liked this episode because the Doctor finally described the Time Lord home world. I WANT TO SEE THIS PLANET..... NOW DAMMIT!!!! YOU HEAR ME BBC?????
I think they got that.


I know this goodness can't last for ever. I hope it does. I can't wait until the next episode. More Daleks. Oh joy..... not really.....

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